User Interface Design Services

Creativity and Precision

We provide the right mix of innovation and accuracy that a great user interface must have. Our user interface design services are tailored to be exactly what your project requires. We cover all phases of the design from initial analysis to final production.

Analysis and Models

Knowledge is the Key

A good analysis of interaction requirements is essential to a successful user interface. We use our own model-based methodology and software tools to quickly analyze the interaction factors in play. The models allow us to understand precisely the relationships among users, taskflows, and data, and in turn those models help inform our creative process.


How Ideas Emerge

Wireframes are design artifacts where we sketch out ideas for your new user interface. Typically, wireframes are prepared after analysis is completed. They allow us to discuss our design ideas with your team and to help you visualize how the new user interface will interact with your users.

Conceptual Design

The Complete Story

A conceptual design is our full design proposal for your new user interface. It not only shows the layout, components, and navigation, but it also illustrates the various user-interaction scenarios via storyboards and animations. Conceptual designs are ideal for interactive design reviews with your team until a final version is approved for production.

Visual Designs

The Look of the User Interface

A great user interface needs to be visually appealing and convey the right image for the product, the company, and the user base. Our graphics designers have years of experience producing graphics and styles for many different domains from consumer to enterprise. Picture perfect and production ready.

Graphics and Icons

Meaningful Symbols

Icons and graphics form the visual language of a user interface. We produce visual languages that are clear, consistent, and appealing to your users. Excellent graphics for excellent communication.

Expert Reviews

Knowledgeable Eyes

For an existing user interface, we can analyze and deconstruct it in order to identify any design, interaction, or usability issues. We apply our expert knowledge in analyzing the user interface, and compare its design to established guidelines and standards. We can then produce a set of recommendations from quick-but-valuable fixes, to major overhauls.


Designs and Channels

Monitors, phones, tablets, wearables, display walls. Whatever the output channels for your users, we can determine how each device needs to be addressed, and how the user-interface design can transition from one device to another.