User Experience

Enhancing the User Interface

There is more to a user interface than having a functional and efficient design with the proper workflow. Users also expect to have a great experience interacting with your product. They like to find innovation in the interaction, see an appealing visual design, find smartness, and enjoy simplicity. At RedWhale, we pride ourselves in delivering all the aspects of an outstanding user experience.


Finding Better Ways

In our designs and implementations, we are always looking for new and innovative ways to interact with users. Whether it is a new widget or a different method to interact, we are often able to present to our clients alternative solutions from what they had in mind. Users greatly appreciate seeing innovation as it improves their experience with the product and makes their work easier.


Making your Idea a Reality

Many clients come to us with a great idea for a new product, but for which they do not know how to create a user interface. Or perhaps it is a useful and widely used product that has had a poor user experience for years. We excel at helping clients in these situations. We have a method to our creativity and are often able to make ideas a reality and to take products to the next level.

Interaction Intelligence

Smart for a Reason

We are pioneers in adding elements of Artificial Intelligence to our user interface implementations, creating what we call Intelligent User Interfaces. When used appropriately, Artificial Intelligence can greatly enhance the user experience. We have the necessary knowledge and expertise to apply these techniques as appropriate in your user interface.

User-Centered Perspective

Matching User Expectations

Users have a mental model of how a product should work. A user interface is most successful when it best approximates that mental model. Many products reflect an engineering-centered model and as a result their user interfaces fail to match well with users. We can provide the user perspective that ensures your product will instead succeed with those users.


Less is More but More could be Less

Simplicity is always desired, but achieving it is challenging. One common perception is that fewer steps, clicks, or screens make things simpler in the user interface. In reality, for many cases, adding a couple of steps instead, or separating contexts can make an interface easier to interact with for the user. Our team knows the difference and can tell what is best for your case.

Visual Appeal

Elegance and Style

A good visual design is certain to appeal to all users. Good graphics by themselves do not make a user interface good, but they are an important factor in improving experience. Our graphics designers strive to produce elegant and stylish visual treatments. We will work with you to achieve just the right look for your product and brand.


Studying Users

Many times what is better for users can be best determined by testing and reviewing the user interface with the user themselves. We have very efficient and cost-effective methods to gather user feedback and to study users and their requirements. We can also develop a set of user interface design guidelines specifically for your organization.