The RedWhale
Customer Experience
We pride ourselves in providing a customer experience that is professional, knowledgeable, friendly and resource efficient.
Project Management

You will have full visibility on the status of your project at all times. We can instantly connect online with our clients worldwide. Using tools such as Slack and Trello, we support online discussion threads and interactive project planning.

We follow an agile methodology in our projects that allows us to meet deadlines and deliver constant progress. We normally work on 2- or 3-week design and development cycles especially structured for user interface and user experience projects.

We allocate resources to projects in the most efficient way in order to maximize benefits to our clients. Over 90% of our projects are completed on a fixed-fee basis without a need for extensions or overruns.
Our teams have one goal:
Professional, friendly, and knowledgeable.
We are a team of professionals committed to deliver industry-best solutions to our clients. Our will coordinate the resources needed to evaluate your project and present you with a proposal. Upon engagement, we have User Interface Designers and Human-Computer Interaction Experts who can produce innovative and appealing designs in virtually every domain.
For development, our group of User Interface Engineers is capable of working with a wide range of front-end technologies. And for visual elements, our Graphics Designers can create treatments in a large variety of styles and themes.
    All of the buildings and all of the cars were once just a dream in somebody's head    
RedWhale successfully uses the Model-Based Interface Design methodology, MOBI-D, that has been developed and refined by our group over the years. With MOBI-D, we are able to quickly model your interaction scenario in terms of users, taskflows, domain data, and context. In turn, those models guide the creative part of the design process towards a successful product.